JSONClasses Core

JSONClasses Core provides a powerful CGraph data modifiers that can validate and transform input data.
1@jsonclass2class User:3    id: str = types.readonly.str.primary.mongoid.required4    email: str = types.str.email.unique.authidentity.required5    password: str = types.writeonly.str.securepw.length(8, 16).salt.authbycheckpw.required6    name: str | None

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JSONClasses Decorator

JSONClasses Types provides 181 modifiers that can vlidate and transform data.

Class data Validation

Vlidate user input data, data can save in database until pass all validations. In addition, you can pass a custom callback to the validate modifier.

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Data Transformation

Transformation will perform automatically when you call initializer or set method, you can also use transform modifier with a custom callback.

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Data operation Authority

On permission validation, whether this operator can operate objects of this class.

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