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Next-generation Data Flow, ORM and API Server
Full-fledged declarative backend with auto generated clients.
1@api2@pymongo3@jsonclass4class User:5    id: str = types.readonly.str.primary.mongoid.required6    email: str =    password: str = types.writeonly.str.securepw.length(8, 16).salt.authbycheckpw.required8    name: str | None
Declaratively describe your data model
Level 1: Data sanitization, validation & transformation
Level 2: ORM
Level 3: RESTful API server
Frontend API clients are auto-generated
Declare Your Schema
The schema definition is very neat and descriptive. You get full data validation, data transformation, data sanitization, ORM methods, and a RESTful API set.
1@authorized2@api3@pymongo4@jsonclass5class User:6    id: str = types.readonly.str.primary.mongoid.required7    email: str =    password: str = types.writeonly.str.securepw.length(8, 16).salt.authbycheckpw.required9    name: str | None10    created_at: datetime = types.readonly.datetime.tscreated.required11    updated_at: datetime = types.readonly.datetime.tsupdated.required
Auto-generated Clients
The API client can be directly used in frontend projects. No need to declare data models and request functions. It provides smart completion and type checking.
const users = await api.users.find({    email: { _contains: '' },    _pageSize: 30,    _pageNo: 1})
The auto-generated TypeScript client can be directly installed with npm and git. It features optional React addons.
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let users = try! await api.users.find(.init(    email: .contains(""),    _pageSize: 30,    _pageNo: 1))
The auto-generated Swift client can be directly installed with Swift Package Manager. It features optional SwiftUI addons.
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1val users = api.users.find(2    email=contains(""),3    _pageSize=30,4    _pageNo=15).await()
The auto-generated Kotlin client can be directly installed. It features optional Jetpack Compose addons.
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